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Prepress Design Services & Prepress Layout Services in Seattle, WA

If you are looking for the best digital printing companies for prepress services, TCC Printing & Imaging is where you should be. As a professional print company, we can provide you with innovative products that can help you convey your company’s message in an attractive manner. We are committed to delivering quality services and take the considerations of our customers very seriously.

Our pre-press department is equipped to deal with all of your corporate printing requirements. We have experienced in dealing with a range of proofing methods from clc and soft proofs to inkjets. State of the art computer technologies allow us to provide each client with the best value.

What is Pre-Press?

The word “pre-press” is a term in the printing industry that refers to activities that come into play after an order and corresponding graphics are received by us but before the actual print process. While digital forms of advertising are affective, print is a proven method for connecting to your audience. However, just because a design looks good on the screen doesn’t mean that it will look the same way on print. This is where our prepress capabilities come in. Businesses need to invest in time, expertise and human capital as well as other resources to make this possible. Unfortunately most of them don’t or can’t.

Businesses in Seattle can benefit from our copy printing services. Our services can help you overcome resource and budgetary concerns. Whether you need help with typesetting, prepress production, markups or advanced graphics design our experts can help.

During the first pre-flight stage, our experts determine if a file contains all the elements that are necessary for a print run to be successful. This includes analysis of everything from its format to image resolutions and fonts. We may ask some clients to change the formats of their files in order to accommodate our services accordingly and for files that are suitable for commercial printing.

The second stage involves proofing which is a process that depicts how the product will look once it is finally printed. It is then produced in a printing press or printing plates in case of offset printing. For example in business card printing, a proof is often created as a PDF file.

Prepress Services Available in Seattle, WA

TCC Printing & Imaging offers both conventional LPI and Stochastic screening that allow us to support a wide range of software formats in the files that are sent by our clients. Our prepress professionals can also help you if you have problems setting up your files. Contact us and we will gladly offer consultations that will allow you to work more efficiently with us.

Our capabilities include:

  • Ad Layouts
  • Proofing
  • Scanning
  • Typesetting
  • Layout and Design
  • Impositions
  • Trapping
  • Assistance with graphic files from clients
  • Packing
  • Brand Identity

From creating visually appearing poster prints for your ad campaigns to figuring out the best layout that will complement your brand’s persona, our experts offer everything in professional printing.

Contact us to find out more and our Prepress Design Services & Prepress Layout Services today!

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