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Laminating Seattle

Clear plastic lamination protects your products and preserves them for the long term. Not only does it keep them clean, it also extends the life of your documents. Whether you want to laminate your business card print or some other type of print, TCC Printing & Imaging in Seattle can provide you the all the laminating services that you require.

Why Lamination?

The process became a popular way to preserve photographs that used to be printed on paper. Lamination is the simplest way for your printed documents to look pristine for longer since they stay protected from factors such as sun damage, dirt and damp this way. Not only does it protect them from damage it also gives them a professional touch as well. A combination of these factors makes lamination an appealing prospect for anyone who wants to get the most out of their print material.

We provide such a service as an add-on to our digital printing service in Seattle. Not only does this make our printed products look more polished, it provides our esteemed clientele with the best value. TCC offers lamination services for the following products

Business Card Lamination

You have your business cards printed. Now you need to ensure that your business cards make a statement and do not end up in the trash. While digital printed cards do stand out they may become damaged in time especially if they need to be handed out more frequently to customers or business partners. Lamination ensures that they last you longer. This is especially if you have started a new venture and need to get word around about your business. You can rest assured that your business cards will still be in pristine condition even after if they have been in someone’s wallet for a long time.

Poster Lamination

You plan to print large posters. Want to make your promotional posters last longer than what your competitors put up? Have them laminated from our experts. Laminate can turn a simple poster or message into a durable sign. Our lamination services are particularly useful for clients who want their posters to stand the test of time or need to be mounted for longer. If they are not protected, they can be damaged easily especially if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Our lamination services ensure that they are preserved come rain or shine. This makes our services ideal for businesses that specialize in kitchen services.

Wipe your Documents Clean

Make posters about timetables and update them on a regular basis. Write on your documents with a dry wipe marker and wipe them clean easily when you need to. In this way, you can use your prints continuously without needing to reprint.

Given the durability and versatility of laminated products, it isn’t surprising why a lot of people choose it to achieve documents that look more professional and can be used again for years to come which provides you value. We can accommodate our services according to your budget as well. Contact us to find out about our lamination services.

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